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Anonymous: I don't think i'll ever understand why people seem to think that loving yourself is a bad thing. When did self hatred become polite? You seem like a wonderful person and your self respect should be admired not criticized.


Self hatred makes it easier for people to control you. Loving yourself intimidates others. You should aim to terrify people with your self acceptance cause anyone who is scared or put off by it isn’t someone you wanna be around anyways.


Did you know that the contraceptive pill is classified as a group one carcinogen for breast, liver, and cervical cancers? This is the same classification as tobacco use or tanning beds. If you’re on the BCP, think about switching to an alternative method of birth control.

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*dreamily sighs* dsqaured2’s fall/winter 2012…………. ahhhhhhh……


the treat yoself 2011 episode of parks and recreation has honestly changed my life for the better

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Saint Laurent By Hedi Slimane  Fall 2014 (details)

Haute Couture blog :)



I don’t understand why but I really hate this shade of blue

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